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M305F M14 Replica Spring Rifle BB Gun

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The M305F is a high quality 1:1 full scale springer manufactured by Double Eagle. The M305F is modeled on the famous Springfield M14 as used by the US army from 1959 to 1970. The M305 is manufactured in the new legal colours from toughened black and orange ABS anti-shock plastic. The M305 has tough ABS stock and a 200 round magazine, safety lock and includes a range of accessories. The M305F has a 41cm internal barrel that gives a modestly accurate level of accuracy over a 30m range. The M305 is spring powered and requires cocking inbetween each round, the cocking lever is easy to draw making this rifle suitable for younger airsofters.
The M305 BB gun comes with a large amount of accessories including
  • Starter pack of 50 pellets
  • Carry sling
  • Clearing rod.
The M305F BB rifle is able to fire the 0.12g, 0.2g that are all available on our website.
Please note - Mock scope and flashlight not included in this gun

Face Protector or Safety Glasses and Protective clothing should be worn at all times  From 01/10/2007 the laws regarding airsoft guns have changed for the UK. Under the VCR Bill 2006 it is illegal to buy or sell an airsoft gun to or from anyone under the age of 18 years.

PLEASE NOTE: Under section 36 of the VCR act it is a criminal offence to alter the appearance, or paint  an imitation  firearm in a colour to make it into a realistic imitation firearm.


Additional Information

Pack Of Bullet YES
Manufacturer Double Eagle
is it Gun? Yes

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